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FIH - Indoor Hockey Rules - 2017

Please see the SGHA League Rules and Regulations:

SGHA League Rules and Regulations 2017
WADA prohibtied list 2017
WADA summary of modifications
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SGHA - Indemnity Notice



24.1.  Any action instituted by or against The Association shall be taken or defended in

the name of The Association and no member of The Association shall be

personally liable for any debts or obligations irrespective of the manner incurred.


24.2. Any member or Associate member of The Association shall be indemnified by The

Association, and it shall be the duty of The Association, out of its funds to pay all

costs, losses and expenses which any member or Associate member or other

officer may incur or may become liable for by reason of any contract entered into

or any act or deed done in any way in the discharge of his duty.  No Council

member or other officer or employee of The Association through the insufficiency

or deficiency of any security in or upon which any of the monies of the

Association shall be deposited shall be liable for any loss, damage or misfortune

whatever which shall happen in the execution of the duty of the person concerned

unless the same happens through his own wilful act or default.


24.3. The Association shall under no circumstances what so ever be liable for injury or

losses sustained by any player, non-player, club or Association affiliated to The


From the SGHA constitution